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Less is More

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I love traveling. I enjoy going new places, meeting new people, learning - I love it all. What I hate more than anything, is packing. For some people, they hate un-packing and washing all the dirty clothes, but honestly I don't mind that. Since we have a 40lb weight limit on our bags and will be carrying everything on our backs, I think this trip might be more challenging to pack for than any other I have done. I need to leave enough room for souvenirs, but at the same time don't want to get half-way there and wish for warmer/cooler clothes. I understand the whole "less is more" concept in theory and that I can always buy things along the way but because this is a budget trip, the less we spend on clothing, the more we have for fun.

We leave in exactly one week from today and for the short-term, I am avoiding packing. We have two file boxes filled with things we bought specifically for the trip like sleep sacks, batteries & memory cards for the camera, baggage locks, etc. so that half is done. It is just the clothes and personal items, which is the part I hate most. Today marks the end of school for Nate and work for me, so starting tomorrow we are on a three month vacation. It is kind of exciting to say that...three month vacation...but sometime in the next week, I guess I have to give in and just pack.

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So we are really going to do this...

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Rewind almost two years, when Nate and I were planning our wedding. Scratch that, when I was planning our wedding and Nate was filling out grad school applications. We both wanted to take a great honeymoon to some far off place, but since we needed to pack two apartments and move ourselves to Bloomington, Indiana, it wasn't in the cards. We agreed that once Nate finished grad school, we would try and find time to travel and left it at that.

Throughout our time in Bloomington, we talked about several different places to visit but somehow landed on the Mediterranean. After he graduated from undergrad, Nate did the 20-something Europe backpacking trip, so has already seen much of Europe. I on the other hand have only been to Spain, so the mediterranean would allow us both to see places we haven't been before.

Through very careful planning and coordination, we have managed to fit 5 countries into a 29-day excursion. We take off on May 12th, one week after graduation, and will be headed to London, Croatia, Rome, Greece and Turkey. This is my first time doing the backpacking thing, and Nate is most concerned about my ability to stay within our 40 lb. baggage weight limit. I on the other hand am confident I will stay within my limit, and am more concerned about my husband's general lack of patience. This will be a good experiment for both of us, with plenty of lessons in tolerance and understanding.

It is hard to believe that this idea we came up with two years ago is now becoming real. In only three short weeks, we will be on our way to a month abroad.

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